Manufacturing quality


To date, SST Group produces over 1,000 different types of electric heating systems. With its own R&D Center, technical potential and production facilities SST Group is well-placed to cover all phases of every product’s or system’s production, from design engineering to implementation and commission.

SST Group’s vision and strategic direction focus on fostering innovation and utilizing the latest technologies to provide customers with the services and products they require, and the quality that meets or exceeds their expectations.

The unrivalled experience in the development and serial production of high-tech products and solutions, as well as production capacity of our plants make it possible to deliver comprehensive solutions leading the Russian market and being in demand worldwide.

The SST Group plants, located in the Moscow region, make up one of the largest complexes in the world for production of electric heating systems. The head office, the R&D center, manufacturing and fabrication facilities for electric heating systems and electronic equipment, as well as the central warehouse are all based within the administrative and production complex in the town of Mytishchi. The production of conductive polymers and self-regulating heating cables is placed at Gamma Special Design Bureau in Ivanteevka. The unique technological facilities of Gamma are the only of their kind in Russia. Corrugated and SW small- and medium-diameter tubes from stainless steel and other metals and alloys are also produced at Gamma.