Self-regulating Heating Cables

Self-regulating heating cables

With this intelligent heating cable we offer our customers an important key technology in the field of electric heating systems. Its power output automatically adjusts it to the ambient temperature. Climatic risks in industrial plants are thus reduced to a minimum.

In the following overview you can learn more about the product versions and technical details.

PREMIUM Line, up to 85°C

Product: HTM
Cross section: 0.56 mm²
Max. circuit length: 100 m
Outer shell: Thermoplastic
Product details
Product: HTA
Cross section: 1,00 mm²
Max. circuit length: 136 m
Outer shell: Thermoplastic or Fluoropolymer
Product details
Product: HTP
Cross section: 1.25 mm²
Max. circuit length: 205 m
Outer shell: Thermoplastic oder Fluorpolymer
Product details

PREMIUM Line, up to 200°C

Product: BTC
Cross section: 1,25 mm²
Max. circuit length: 200 m
Outer shell: Fluorpolymer
Product details

PREMIUM Line, up to 250°C

Product: BTX
Cross section: 0.56 mm²
Outer shell: Fluorpolymer
Product details

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